Bespoke Hypnotherapy Session (2 Hours)




An individual session tailored towards your personal goal/outcome. You will enjoy the six step approach with the use of comfortable seating and/or the relaxation couch. You will listen to calming music along with the aroma of essential oils. A time to rest, refresh and refocus.

Sessions are very similar each time you come for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and last 60 minutes.

These include :

  • one x 60 minute follow-up session
  • bespoke and individual discussion to meet your specific needs
  • information booklet on why anxiety occurs and how to manage the mind effectively
  • practical audio-recorded NLP strategies provided
  • relaxing hypnotherapy session
  • a personalised download/recording for continuing self-hypnosis at home.

You will learn how to continue your self-care at home and manage your stress and anxiety effectively.