It is totally safe. You are always in control. As your hypnotherapist, I will lead you into a deeply relaxed state and make positive suggestions to you, both direct and indirect. This will help you create the changes you want to make. You are completely aware of what is happening.

Research concludes that hypnosis is a powerful tool for self-improvement. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by empowering you to change and update your subconscious beliefs.

Hypnosis refers to the inducing of a passive/relaxed state of mind that promotes better communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. Hypnotherapy is the psychological healing process that uses hypnosis to achieve the desired result.

The amount of sessions required will vary from client to client and the issue of concern. 

Sometimes after the Initial Consultation, it is easier to estimate.

Chronic Anxiety could take anything from four to six sessions. Possibly more?

Depression could take eight to ten sessions. Possibly less or more?

Smoking Cessation usually lasts around 2 hours.

A session of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy includes:  

  • An explanation of the brain in terms of forming solutions to problems
  • Setting your tangible and actionable goals
  • Effective questioning techniques to help figure out the next steps to take to achieve your goal
  • A self-hypnosis download to listen to at home
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is totally safe and effective for both children and teenagers. If your child is under the age of 18, I will ask for you to complete a permission slip to work with your child.

I usually work with clients aged 10 and older but, depending on the issue, I may consider working with a child younger than this. 

It is safe to have hypnotherapy when you are pregnant.

See Pricing page for more details on costs. 

Address concerns and issues within your life, whilst learning more about the person you are and who you wish to become.

Jenny Diane Hypnotherapy offers face-to-face consultations in Lisburn and Garvagh and online sessions too. Home, hospital and hospice visits are also available.

Thinking about booking an appointment with Jenny Diane Hypnotherapy?

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